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Featured Member : Rachael Fern
Drawing inspiration from painters like Robert Rauschenberg and Gustav Klimt, Rachael started her art journey in high school without fully realizing her talent. After graduation, Rachael enrolled at UNCG majoring in Biology. She signed up for an art class as an elective because her roomate did and thought it would be fun. "The first day of the art class, the professor asked all the art majors to raise their hand ( which was over half the class ). I looked at my roommate and asked, you can major in this? ". From that day forward, the rest was history. In 2004, Rachael graduated UNCG with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting.

In 2013, Rachael threw all her creative energy into her new photography business and her art was put on the back burner. She has recently been able to find a balance between running her own business, her art and has picked the brushes back up again. Working with acrylic, watercolor and some mixed media, her current focus is in watercolors and is a Realist painter.

You can find Rachael's work on her website at, at selected DADA member shows at The DADA Gallery in North Trade Street Arts Center and she is always open to commission's.
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